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The Merry Kettle

Brewing Ideas

  • My paternal grandmother passed away when I was young. She didn’t speak English at all so we couldn’t communicate – a dreadful form of separation. I mourn the loss of conversations we could’ve had if only we understood each other. But I remember the moments we shared. How I stood on my tippy toes to… Continue reading

  • Post Version 2 I wrote another post about the above question, but it was more of a funny one that I hope was entertaining. There is a more serious answer that I thought I’d share with you. Tonight, I learned that it’s important to be kind to yourself and to trust those around you. It… Continue reading

  • What is the last thing you learned? Post Version 1 One thing I learned this week was that caffeine and I no longer mix. It was not that long ago that I used to enjoy a cuppa with friends or even just by myself. Gold Coast has many beautiful cafes, some of them right on… Continue reading

  • What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain. After throwing the fifth pillow at my cat, I’m getting an automatic cat feeder 👏 but I know it’ll take a while for the sleep pattern to return to normal. The question I hate being asked is ‘why do you look so tired?’. That’s because… Continue reading

  • The apartment Tea Leaf and I share is quite small. There are only two rooms; an open living space with a kitchen and a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. So you can imagine what having three cats in here is like. Tea Leaf sleeps with the two smallest ones in the open living space where… Continue reading

  • Hello there. I’m new here so I’ll introduce myself and hope we can get along 🙂 My name is Maree Kettle. I apologise for not using my real name, but I promise you the things you read here will be real. I’m currently writing a book in the fantasy genre, and I have an Instagram… Continue reading

About Me

Maree lives in Gold Coast, Australia and works in two jobs – retail assistant and personal carer. She is currently writing her first novel whilst surrounded by three cats and an inquisitive housemate / editor – Tea Leaf.